Until You Control Jealousy...
Jealousy Will Control You.

Get the tools that E! Network's
Dr. Darcy has been teaching Celebrity clients for years.

Ready to Discover How?

Jealousy Sucks

I can say it a bunch of ways, wrap it in fancy words, put it in a pretty box, but it won’t change reality. There’s nothing worse than the knot you get in your stomach when...

You can't reach your partner.

Your partner goes out without you.

Or when they comment with 🔥 on someone else’s social media.

And it's so misunderstood.

I can say it a bunch of ways, wrap it in fancy words, put it in a pretty box, but it won’t change reality. There’s nothing worse than the knot you get in your stomach when...

Until now.

That voice inside you that says...
“There has to be another way to be in a relationship.”

There is another way.
A better way.

The 1 thing that can change your jealousy is


You just need tools.
A process.
And a therapist to guide the way.

My name is Dr. Darcy Sterling.

For 20+ years I’ve been a therapist specializing in teaching relationship skills.

I’m the host of E! Network’s Famously Single.
I’m the former Global Ambassador for TINDER.
I have a private practice in New York City.

Teaching relationship skills is what I do all day every day.

Jealousy is one of the top causes of breakups + divorce.
Which means it’s not just a you problem.
You’re not overly sensitive.
Or broken.


I know how toxic jealousy is in relationships.

After helping thousands of private clients learn to control - then heal - their jealousy issues, I created Jealousy Boot Camp’s Challenge.

Jealousy Boot Camp’s challenge is designed to show you that it’s possible to control jealousy in just 2 weeks.

I’ve seen how conquering jealousy changes lives.
Facilitating that kind of transformation is my life’s mission.
Because it helps people love better.
Live better.
Be better.

Jealousy Boot Camp’s Challenge will
give you the tools you need to stop the madness.

Turn chaos into calm.
Panic into peace.
Anxiety into action.

Give me 7 days to show you what's possible.

Get access to the tools and system
You need to write your own love story.



Daily video lessons, tools and worksheets to manage your jealousy.





Here's what you'll get in Jealousy Boot Camp's Challenge:

Whether you're single or in a relationship,
conquering jealousy will change the way you go through life.

This program works.
It's grounded in science and research.
In just 14 days, you'll see that it's possible to
control jealousy so jealousy doesn't control you.


Evidenced-based tools so you can confidently navigate tricky situations.


Daily videos that show you how to apply the system to your unique triggers.


You will get results. Or you will get your money back. It's that simple.

Here's how you'll do it:

  • Daily Email Lessons - These emails will be delivered right to your inbox packed full of tools and tips that you’ll begin using immediately.
  • Access to Daily Video Lessons - Each day when you get your email delivered to your box, it takes you to the online challenge portal where you can watch the videos, download the lessons, and your homework for each day.
  • My Trademarked Bottom Lines Tool - You'll use this to uncover your unique jealousy triggers.

Here's how you'll do it:

  • You'll Feel In Control - When you use my step-by-step system, you'll gain control of your jealousy triggers by the end of The Challenge.
  • You'll Feel Confident - The structure of JBC will replace Chaos and Anxiety with Peace and Confidence.
  • Become the Partner You’re Meant to Be - No more struggling with relationships and cycling in and out of them. You deserve a healthy long-term relationship. It's time for you to be the best partner you can be.


Choose the Jealousy Challenge plan that's right for you.


you can trust.


Try The Jealousy Challenge with our

No B.S. Money Back Guarantee

Strings suck, so my Guarantees don't come with any.
IF you decide for any reason that you want your money back (i.e. you don't like my outfit in one of the lessons, etc.), send me an email + you get your cash back.
Easy. Breezy.

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